Re.Cri.Re Dissemination Local Seminar “Did the crisis change the representation of European Societies and identities?” – Aix-en-Provence, France 6 April 2018

A last local dissemination seminar (France) was organised at the Aix en Provence (MAISON DE L’EUROPE DE PROVENCE).

Alfonso Santarpia (Aix-Marseille Université) was main coordinator of this seminar with active participation of Provence (MAISON DE L’EUROPE DE PROVENCE, 66 Avenue Jean Monnet. 13090 Aix-en-Provence. France) with the help and the coordination of president f Maison de l’Europe de Provence, Alain-Pierre Merger.

In a first moment of meeting, Alain Pierre Merger presented the association and the goals of this European association. Then he presented Alfonso Santarpia (associate professor at Aix-Marseille University), research member concerning the RE.CRI.RE project.

Alfonso SANTARPIA presented the general idea and results of the project RE.CRI.RE.

In the details, he presented, as first moment of his speech “The View of Context (VOC)”. It is a survey instrument designed to detect the content of generalized affect-laden meanings embedded within large-scale cultural milieus. Generalized affect-laden meanings work as basic embodied system of assumptions channelling the way of feeling, thinking, making decision.

In a second moment, he presented the notion of -Symbolic universes between present and future of Europe. First results of the map of European societies’ cultural milieu. He presented the framework, method and main findings of an analysis of cultural milieus in 4 European countries (Estonia, Greece, Italy, and UK). The analysis is based on a questionnaire VOC. He explained 5 symbolic universes, that correspond to basic, embodied, affect-laden, generalized worldviews: a) an ordered universe; b) a matter of interpersonal bond; c) a caring society; d) consisting of a niche of belongingness; e) a hostile place (others’ world). These symbolic universes were also interpreted as semiotic capital: they reflect the capacity of a place to foster social and civic development.

Discussion with the audience.
lot of questions, a real curiosity and deep interest for the conference and the notion of symbolic universe (understood easily on the logic pessimism/optimism):

  1. Questions on the sample of the research, too focused on the people with a high level of education. Try to enlarge the sample the future.
  2. Several participants wanted to see the data on the France concerning the paper published on the PlosOne.
  3. A participant wanted to know if there were socio-political analysis on the country evoked in the results concerning the paper published on PlosOne.
  4. A participant was worried for the future of this project and wanted to know the strategy to communicate the results. The idea of an observatory was accepted with a lot of interest.
  5. A lot of participants want to fill in the questionnaire VOC. This could be a marker of motivation and of a real interest for the conference.