Re.Cri.Re. Between the representation of the crisis and the crisis of the representation – Working Seminar – Faculty of Psychology UNED Madrid, May 31st 2016

The working seminar was structured in two parts. The first part consisted of an introduction carried out by Professor Jorge Castro. Project’s main arguments and goals, phases, theoretical framework and ongoing results on the analysis of symbolic universes were briefly presented and summarized. The second part opened the debate to the participants, who could express their doubts, suggestions and points of view regarding different aspects of the project (goals, theoretical framework, methodology and attended outputs).

The participants:

  • Florentino Blanco: Human Rights activist with Amnesty International. Psychology professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.
  • Ramón del Castillo: Advisory Board member and also member of the European Cultural Parliament. Philosophy professor and Vice-Dean of Research at UNED.
  • Pablo González: Economist and town councillor for PP (Spain’s right wing political party), Gijón local government (Asturias, in the North of Spain).
  • Melania Moscoso: Socio-cultural anthropologist. Social activist concerning functional diversity issues. Professor at Universidad del País Vasco.
  • Natalia Muñoz, town councillor for the new political party Ganemos in the city of Tres Cantos (Madrid); she comes from “The anti-austerity movement” in Spain, also referred to as “The 15-M Movement”, the “Indignants Movement” and “Take the Square”. Didactic activist concerning the shortcomings of Spanish Constitution, Treaty on European Union.
  • Pablo Nicolás: Priest and also member of Catholic NGO “Cáritas”.
  • Gabriel Santamaría: member of different ultra-conservative movements (catholic NGO’s such as “HazteOír” y “CitizenGo”) and team member for “Open Doors”, association working with refugees from Syria and Iraq.
  • Honorio Velasco: Advisory Board member. Professor of Social Anthropology at UNED.