Aristotle University of Thessaloniki presents project Re.Cri.Re

On 20 May the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, partner of ALDA within the project Re.Cri.Re -Between the Representation of the Crisis and the Crisis of the Representation-, presented its design and aims at a working seminar at the Hellenic Center of Mental Health and Research.

Evrinomy Avdi, Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and Scientific Coordinator of Re.Cri.Re. on behalf of Aristotle University, together with her colleagues Anna Mylona and Ifigeneia Koutri, Associate Researchers, introduced the rationale of the project, described its goals, and presented the first results of Working Package 3.

Representatives from the Hellenic Center of Mental Health and Research and the Shelter for Abused Women, as well as representatives of other local stakeholders attended the event with great interest. A discussion was started regarding the effects of the economic crisis on Greek citizens’ life and its implications for mental health practices and service provision, as well as the links between the social-economic crisis in Greece and the demographic characteristics of the vulnerable population seeking professional help for psychological problems in recent years. Within this framework, Re.Cri.Re. was seen as helpful in suggesting innovative ways to conceptualize citizens’ changing psychosocial needs.

At the end of the seminar possible ways in which local stakeholders could get further involved in the project were presented, and all participants expressed their intention to support the progress of Re.Cri.Re by completing the ‘Views of Context’ questionnaire created in its framework.

If you also want to contribute to the success of the project, fill in and disseminate this questionnaire on how people represent the space they live in and how these representations are linked to their way of thinking and feeling. It is completely anonymous and only takes ten minutes to complete!

Questionnaire in all languages